Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Ram and Reddy Fighting On Ileana?

Ram and Reddy Fighting On Ileana?

Ever since the hip beauty Ileana moved away to Bollywood, there have been a lot of rumors about bringing her back with an item song or a heroine role. But the latest update says that Ileana has indirectly triggered an argument between a hero and director. 

Ram Charan is getting ready to start his Thani Oruvan remake in Surender Reddy direction and the heroine is not yet finalized. While Reddy is reportedly suggesting to pull Ileana for it, Ram Charan is insisting on keeping her away from this film. 

Well, Surender Reddy's version stresses few points like heroine has not much to do in Thani Oruvan, so why not Ileana with less remuneration. 

Ram Charan's points are little strong and valid. Charan's last film Bruce Lee was a disaster and he don't want to take any chances with this film. That too when it is heard that the film's story resembles NTR's Nannaku Prematho, Charan wants to be super cautious no matter what. 

Even if the heroine hasn't got much to play in Thani Oruvan remake, Charan wants to launch a new face to Tollywood, like latest sensation Keerthy Suresh. So the search for heroine is still on. 

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