Tuesday, 2 February 2016

iPhone 7 - Will it be better than the best ??

iPhone 7 - Will it be better than the best ??

Keep your fingers crossed to have an Apple byte for its next iteration of Apple iPhone. Apple may come up with dual camera on the rear to enhance the way you take pictures on your phone. Recent acquisition of LinX a digital photography firm is fueling the speculation that Apple may come up with two versions of 5.5 inch phones wherein one version would have two rear cameras.

The objective of the cameras is to have better performance in low-light conditions and also for noise reduction in the photos. It means that you will now have even better shots on your phone. It is also being touted that Apple may come up with Sapphire glass on the iPhone7 as it has been closely working with suppliers on this task.

Apple might release iPad 3 in March with 4 speakers like in iPad Pro and will also include front flash as in iPhone 6S. It might also come with some more surprising product revelations during the Worldwide Developers conference. 

It is being gossiped that Apple might come out with rounded corners iPhone 5 SE, SE might be acronym of Special Edition. It will be a phone that is scaled down version of iPhone 6S to capture the mid-range smart phone segment. 

Meanwhile wait for the iOS 9.3 update for your iPhone 6S with 3D-touch integration for bringing up the shortcuts for Wi-Fi. Let's see whether the best ever iPhone will even get better.

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