Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Software Engineer surprises wife with big cash win from Online Rummy

"Online Rummy is the best thing that happened to me and my wife"
Mr. Rajshekhar

Rajshekhar, who works as an IT Engineer in a prestigious Software company in Bangalore, was ecstatic when his winning amount got credited to his account. Recently married Rajshekhar says he could revive his long lost passion for playing card games through the online site RummyCircle.com. "I started playing and since I was good at Rummy I also started winning big cash prizes online. But I had to maintain a balance between work, Rummy, and wifey and RummyCircle showed me the way".

Here's how. Rajshekhar was always a Rummy enthusiast but had no time to go out and play with friends after marriage. When he discovered RummyCircle.com, a holistic online site for playing Rummy, he immediately registered and started playing. Little did Rajshekhar know that this leisure time activity can win him big cash prizes online. He won 17000 in a single week playing online Rummy and took his wife out for a romantic dinner! "It was one of the best evenings we both had", he says.

According to Rajshekhar, his experience on RummyCircle has been simply superb, and he invites all online game enthusiasts, especially card game lovers like him, to play and win on this site. 

Not just romantic dinners, there are many more benefits of playing on RummyCircle
RummyCircle.com - The Best Rummy Experience.

With over 2.5 million registered players, RummyCircle.com is proving to be the most popular online card game site. Subbukani Muthumani from Mumbai, who has been playing online Rummy on RummyCircle.com for many years says, "I love RummyCircle as I can play with live players online. Another player Abhilash Kumar comments "Thank you RummyCircle for giving me a chance to be part of this circle. I just love playing with actual players from all across the country".
Players also get a chance to win cash and other exciting prizes through the month. Prem Kumar from Andhra Pradesh, who recently won a Free Entry tournament, proudly declares "I now own an iPhone 6 all thanks to RummyCircle". Shameer, a facility management professional in Bangalore, loves playing on RummyCircle as he can test his skills and win a lot on this site. "I won 30000 in one night and 55000 in a week. It happens only on this site". Rajesh Chenji, who is an Engineer working with Deccan Enterprises in Hyderabad, shares his advice, "I win 40000 every month. You just need to enjoy this game and you will win". 

RummyCircle.com enjoys tremendous love and affection from its players and promises to double the excitement and fun for its users in the time to come.

If you are also looking to surprise your loved ones like Rajshekhar or win great prizes online like others, simply register for free on RummyCircle.com and start playing. The site has excellent learning guides and demo videos that can help you master the game in a short time. Visit www.rummycircle.com. Register Now to avail the special offer of 1000* Free Joining Bonus.

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