Saturday, 6 February 2016

Pawan fans angry on vijay


Kollywood super star Vijay and Samantha s the hero and heroine, their movie teaser has been released recently. Vijay has mesmerised his fans with the action and the BGM was mind blowing. GV Prakash has proved that twinkle twinkle little star can be pronounced so differently.
Coming to the matter, everybody will remember the anthyakshari scene in gabbar singh. After watching the trailer of their, pawan fans are irritated seeing it because, the same scene was seen in the trailer of their as well. The police station set was exactly the same, he enters with a stick and the rowdies get scared. But, the police station will naturally be the same, but pawn fans are complaining that their heroes scene has been robbed off by vijay. Coming to the trailer, the picturisation is quite great and vijay is scene in a police character. Samantha and Amy Jackson are the heroines but, not one is shown in the trailer.

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