Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Fans Show Their Anger On Pawan Kalyan

Fans Show Their Anger On Pawan Kalyan

The heat of Kapu Garjana and after effects still have not gone down. While TDP leaders slammed at YSRC accusing Jagan's hand behind violence in Kapu Garjana, they shot back denying the allegations and asking TDP to keep their election promises. 

Amidst all this blame game, Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan held a pressmeet speaking on unwanted incidents at Tuni and blaming Chandrababu for not launching proper security at the event and also blamed Kapu youth for damaging public properties and causing great inconvenience to them. 

This has not gone well with Kapu youth and they expressed their anger and anguish on Pawan Kalyan by tearing up the actor's posters at Repalle in Guntur district on Tuesday. The posters were once put up by this same Kapu youth expressing their admiration towards the star. They feel that Pawan speaking Chandrababu's word is shameful. 

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