Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year 2016: Google doodle brings many surprises

Global search engine giant Google has ushered in the 'New Year 2016' with its customary doodle giving on-lookers a number of surprises. The unhatched egg which was the centre of attraction in a specially designed doodle on New Year's Eve has come to life on the first day of 2016. Inside there are three surprises waiting for you.
Refreshing Google's search page gives the audience a peek at three different cute and adorable baby creatures -- a duck, a crocodile and a creep (group) of tortoises - hatching out of the egg that represents the New Year 2016. Meanwhile, a group of colourful birds that had been patiently - and impatiently - waiting for the egg to hatch are seen reveling at the sight. One is even blowing a trumpet welcoming the New Year.
Clicking on the doodle - as always -- takes you to a page that has relevant links. Google has been designing doodles to celebrate (and mark) occasions like these since the year 2000.
Yesterday's doodle consisted of five colourful birds sitting on a branch depicting the word Google as a prologue to New Year 2016.
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