Saturday, 6 February 2016

Baahubali promotion style copied by Garam movie


Not only with movies, rajamouli is also very creative in promoting his movies. he said that he would release baahubali last summer, but as it was delayed, he kept up the expectations of the audience by releasing the first look of each character.
The same concept is being followed by many movies nw. garam, starring aadi and aada sharma is releasing each character slowly. Recently they have launched a poster saying 7 days to go and introduced taagubothu Ramesh as a graffiti artist. Express raja which was released last month also followed the same promotion strategy.
If baahubali did such a promotion, there is a reason behind it being the importance of characters. More than the actors, the character has a lot of importance and it gets printed in the minds of the audience. But why are these movies doing such a promotion is not understood. It is being senseless.

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