Tuesday, 2 February 2016

4 easy ways to get more Email Sign-ups

Email marketing tips

You must have heard a lot of strategies to increase your email sign-ups like writing creative headlines, creating valuable content and designing powerful call to action buttons.
It is rightly said that the “Money is in the List” but don’t increase your list by buying contacts. Increase your list organically. Think about it: Who is more valuable to you as a subscriber? A person who has shown interest in your brand by signing up for your list and who genuinely likes the content you generate or a person who is randomly seeing your email? You have got an amazing advantage if you build your list organically.
Quality > Quantity
But how do you make people sign up for your list?
It’s not so complex. Little things can make a big difference.
  1. Make it as easy as possible
Make it as easy as possible to subscribe. Minimize the clicks to subscribe. Keep the form as short as possible. Essentially, what you want to say is that if you find content valuable and want more then click here to subscribe!
  1. Provide Valuable Content
This is a lead magnet. Offer them a free E-book, conduct a webinar or give them free trial if they subscribe.
  1. Social Media
Make your content shareable and make it easy to share. The readers should be able to spot social buttons easily.
  1. Improve your Landing Page
A clear call to action button and a landing page where users can quickly sign-up is the best landing page. The job of the landing page is not to sell your product, its job is to capture leads.
You can also include a link of your landing page in your Email signature.
Your effort to build an email list won’t likely go down in vain if done correctly.
If you have build an organic email list. Do let me know in comments!

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