Sunday, 10 January 2016

Surya invested in website


Hero Surya is enlarging his business in Movie field totally. The star is now happy in producing different films on his banner 2D entertainment banner for online streaming trade these days. He is also putting his money into which is giving out online streaming of Tamil cinemas.
Confirming the same 2D entertainment CEO Rakashekar pandian who is also close associate of Hero surya gave out the statement below. “As a forward-looking organization we are keen on exploring several partnerships that expand our existing portfolio in the entertainment industry. With movies moving towards digitization it was a logical step to bring into our fold an online streaming platform”.
he added-“Surya is not only endorsing it but also giving some big shout amount which could give out superb hero talkies . Team of are keeping their eye on piracy too. They are taking ultimate care of piracy prints which are causing huge damage to cinemas”

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