Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Rs 1 K 'selkan mobile'


To coincide with the festival, the Telugu States announced that it would offer customers selkan the bumper. Rs 1 K 'C 345' feature phone that offers the latest pathakanniselkanMobiles, the company said. Users with Rs .2,999 'A 35 K remote' Rs 1 they pay on the purchase of a smartphone with a 'C 345' feature can be taken over the phone, the company said in a statement. The main part of the celebration of the feast days mavvadaniki customers, offering them innovative pravesapettinatlu for more daggaravvadam selkan vaiguru mobile CMD said.
Selkan mobiles new brand ambassador for the company, which started on Monday from the hands of Yash offer these limited-time cell phone users to the AP, the states will be available at all retail outlets, the company said. Sea 345, 35 K models, the best performance of any of the company's executive director expressed Handsets retineni Murali said. That is the opportunity to get three thousand Rs two cell phones, the company announced that they offer.

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