Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Pavan kalyan’s sudden trip to Singapore


If puri jagannadh goes to Bangkok, there is no surprise. But, why is pavan kalyan going to Singapore is the new question surrounding film nagar. On one side, AP CM CBN is behind Singapore in getting their master plans and making Andhra s the next Singapore. On the other side, pavan kalyan has broken the rules and interrupted the shoot of sardar gabbar singh and left to Singapore. Actually, he is not supposed to go anywhere until this schedule is completed. But, is he going on a holiday or on a political purpose should be known only to their close ones. Already there is a delay in the shot of sardar gabbar singh and the sankranthi movie has been postponed to April and now may is also seeming doubtful. There is no clarity to the fans as how far the shoot has been completed.

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