Sunday, 31 January 2016

Comedian Ali, Now Changed Person!

Comedian Ali, Now Changed Person!

Of late, comedian Ali was in news for all wrong reasons. He was the centre of controversies for his sexist remarks on women. Social media was abuzz about his acts, demeanor on stage. Though he tried to defend himself that all he was doing to evoke fun, laughter, it didn't receive much support. Especially after his comments on Anushka's thighs at the audio launch of Size Zero, many pointed out at him. With this, Ali seems to have decided to not to repeat such things.

The other day when Ali was one of the guests at a film function, he was seen tight-lipped. Even though anchor Shyamala tried her best to provoke Ali, Ali controlled himself by not making any comments about her dress, style. Instead, he just replied to whatever she asked for. Even when she was trying to pull his leg, Ali underplayed it with grace.

Looks like, Ali is now a changed person. Since they have great fan following, actors should also keep in mind about the social responsibility they have.  However, it needs to be seen whether Ali did this for just this one event or would stuck to this in future as well 

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