Friday, 1 January 2016


If you are a woman with short, thin hair, and/or recently got a bad haircut, you may be looking for ways to grow your hair out faster. Instead of crying yourself to sleep at night, envying the Rapunzels of the world (that have the long and thick locks that you so desire), it’s time to do something about it.
What if your hair never seems to grow more than an inch a year and is naturally very thin? Relax. You don’t have to start wig shopping or vow to spend the rest of your life wearing baseball caps. There are a lot of quick fixes out there, from physician formulas to hair transplant procedures, that promise to get you the mane you’ve always wanted. But before you make a pricey commitment on something that may or may not work, why not try some home remedies first?

Onion Juice

People have been using onion juice to promote hair growth for centuries, so why haven’t you heard of it? A lot of people are reluctant to put onion juice in their hair because of the smell, but if you can get past it, this method really does work. The reason it is so effective is because onion juice contains a lot of collagen boosting sulphur that promotes hair growth. If you’re desperate, it might be time to suck it up and try the onion juice.

Put an onion in a juicer, then work the juice into your scalp. Leave it in for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash it away with shampoo.

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